Personal Statement

I never write from my heart because my heart is full of cliches. Writing from the head is also bound for disaster, especially if the particular head is already seasick with the tide of college coursework. But if not the heart nor the head, where else is there to write from?

“Savannah, I swear… if you say ‘the soul,’ I’ll jump off the Empire State Building.”

Okay, fine. It’s cheesy. I know. But what better way to write than from your soul? Everyone comes from a unique background, so why not write something unique from your own life experiences?

I for one want my projects to focus on the unexpected. I believe that it is important for designers and filmmakers to remember the audience, and by developing ideas focused on the individuality of everyone rather than the stereotypical tradition of the generation, I believe it is possible to showcase the beauty that is, and always has been, humanity. Humanity is the epitome of unpredictability.

Overall, my hope as a filmmaker, writer, and creative communicator is to inspire others to look beyond the norms of society. I wish to work as a creative producer and screenwriter for television at the BBC Studios, and/or as an independent producer in the film industry after graduating with my BA at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

My name is Sarah Savannah Griffin, and this is my own, one-of-a-kind journey.