Personal Statement

I love writing.

If you knew only one thing about me, it would be that I love to write. In fact, before deciding to become a filmmaker, I was prepared to be an English major. After taking a few media and film classes in college, though, I discovered that I could do so much more with the stories in my head; I could write movies.

And, whalla! I became a scriptwriter.

I want my films to focus on the unexpected. I believe that it is important for filmmakers to remember the audience, and by developing characters that transform with the unexpected, those who watch the film will go through a similar change. I love seemingly simple plots with a twist at the end. M. Night Shyamalan is notorious for breaking the rules of predictable film, and to an extent, I want to demonstrate this in my own tasks. However, my ideas focus more on the individuality of humanity than the supernatural, contemporary plot lines outlined in Mr. Shyamalan’s pieces. To be human is to make mistakes, and these mistakes can result in emotions such as shame, confusion, or, if looked at properly, happiness.

My hope as a filmmaker is to inspire others to look beyond the norms of society and expectancy. Life isn’t always pretty, but through a change of character and remembering that no one is perfect, it can be beautiful.

Name: Sarah Savannah Griffin (I go by my middle 90% of the time)

Age: 20

Degree: AAS in Media Communications. Currently pursuing a Bachelors and MA in Film and Television Production.