Good Teachers and Great Experiences

As my Freshman year comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on every opportunity I’ve been given at my junior college. Eastern Arizona College was not my first choice of school post-senior year of high school, so I have my mom to thank for encouraging me to look past the small town atmosphere. It wasn’t too hard adjusting to Safford, Arizona, frankly because I’ve lived in a small town my entire life, but because I didn’t go off to a university like I had originally planned to do, I felt that the “big school” experience was stolen away from me. After the first week though, this thought was no longer important.

Professor Glen Cashetta would go on to become one of the best professors I’ve had, and not just because he was the only professor I had that first semester at EAC. Cashetta pushed us. He obviously didn’t expect us to be perfect editors the first time we jumped into Avid Media Composer or Pro Tools, but he did expect our best work; to give anything less was detrimental to our learning. And there was no way I would let any opportunity for learning go to waste.

Overall, I’m going to miss having his classes after I get my degree in December 2017, but because of his help and determination to see us become the best film editors we can possibly be, I have no doubt I will be able to fit right into a university level of film producing.

Some of the classes I’ve completed, all of which were done with professional software, include:

-Video Color Correct

-Audio Engineering

-Documentary Video Production

-Video/Audio Editing I & II

-Media Practicum I & II

-Scriptwriting (both co curricular and extra curricular)


Summer Internship

It’s frustrating attempting to find internships out where I live (which is basically in the middle of an empty desert landscape) so I’ve decided to expand my horizon and look for programs out in the city.

New York has always drawn my attention; perhaps it’s the bright, hypnotizing lights on Broadway (neon signs tend to catch my eye), or maybe it’s just because New York is something, well, new. I was raised on a farm, again the only advantage to living in the middle of no where, and frankly, the only “city” I’ve known is Phoenix, Arizona. Even then, I only drive there when absolutely necessary *cough* Harry Potter symphonies *cough*.

Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to travel to the city, it’s not easy getting accepted into these programs as a Freshman– even though I’ll be a Sophomore by the end of this spring semester. Not to stray away from the topic, but I’m taking twenty credits this spring, and if I take another twenty in the fall, I should have my associate’s by the end of December.

Which is why I need to find an internship this summer, fast.

I feel that in order to start off with a good company job after completing my degree, experience is a must. And, arguably, I feel the best hands-on experience comes from internships. So, if I expect to get anywhere near Hollywood, I’m having to submit my resume everywhere.

I’ve saved up a little money for a round-trip plane ticket and room and board if necessary, but because I’ve been so busy with making these student projects, I haven’t had the time to go out and get an actual job since last summer. In total, I have a savings account of maybe $1500 USD. Not nearly enough for me to do everything I want, but maybe enough to survive. Maybe.

If it hadn’t already been obvious enough, a paid internship is almost necessary.

Overall, I can’t wait to just get out and do something I haven’t done before. If anyone has any tips, or suggestions for places to submit my resume to, send me a comment!

‘Til next time,

Savannah Griffin