Filming Pinal County Fair

Day one of filming at the county fair is almost done! *phew* For those who didn’t know, I wanted to film a fun, short doc of the PCJL organization  (Pinal County Junior Livestock) as a resume booster. And fun it has been, but with the obvious problems that almost every filmmaker encounters.

Problem #1: Left my house empty-handed of the mic kit.

I got to the fair, batteries charged and SD cards formatted, and started pulling out my equipment when I realized I had forgotten the microphones. The funny thing is, I had told myself the night before to not leave them. Of course, I did.

Problem #2: Noise and Lighting

Going along with my first issue, even if I did have my mics and wanted to use sound, as much background noise as there was, I probably wouldn’t have been able to pick up anything. I’ll just have to put music over the video to fill in the empty space. (I’m open to song suggestions!) Also, because the arenas are covered under the barn, the shadows were absolutely horrible. I’ll have to go into serious color correcting mode in post-production.

Problem #3: Permission Miscommunication

Four weeks before, I had texted one of our family friends who is a committee chair hancho to see how I could get permission to film. He said it would be fine because the barn and arenas had already gotten permission from exhibitors and parents to take pictures and whatnot, but he’d ask the committee for their blessing just in case. Well, like an idiot, I was under the impression that once I’d gotten their okay, I would be able to film wherever under the barn, including inside the arenas.

That being said, I climbed into the show arena and started filming. I even met an awesome guy who was there doing pictures for the newspaper and exhibitors, and, low and behold, was supposed to act in one of my classmate’s western short films that next Saturday. Small world. Anywho, after filming both the goat and steer shows with this guy, I got called over to the arena stand and was asked if I was “supposed to be there.” Uh oh. I tried to bring up Danny’s, the family friend’s, name to refresh their memory that I had gotten permission to film for the fair, but they were just as confused as I was.

Unfortunately, I ended up being kicked out of the ring in the middle of a show in front of everyone. Talk about embarrassment. On the upper note, I had already gotten most of the footage I will probably use in editing, so it was a win-lose situation. I guess it kind of turned into a win-lose-lose situation though after Danny got phone calls asking if he’d given me permission to film inside the arena. Danny, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry for getting you in trouble!

Well, I think that pretty much summed up my idiotic moment for the week, unless something worse happens before Saturday. Haha 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Savannah Griffin


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