GEL Studios

Exciting news! Today, I finally got around to making my company official… as of right now, GEL Studios is up for business! The icon above is licensed, so I no loner have to worry about copyright infringements.

I received a few questions asking how I chose “GEL Studios” as my title, and I guess I have Professor Cashetta to thank for the idea. Back in my first semester at college, he named one of my groups “LEG” because each letter was the last initial of the three members. Of course, I didn’t particularly like this nick-name, so decided to flip it backwards and call us GEL instead (pronounced like jello, but without the o). The name just kind of stuck, even when the two others dropped out of the major and I was the only one left.

There aren’t any other official members of GEL Studios at the moment, but I do have a few people helping with a ton of editing which I’ll credit in each of the videos I publish. I just finished filming a documentary on Hunter Sullivan and Jett Skousen, both cancer survivors under the age of 12. Their stories, though emotional, are beautiful; I’m extremely proud of the progress we’ve made as a team and I can’t wait to post it here after post-production.

On a quick side note, I finished the Pinal County Fair video, but for some reason after I rendered it, the coloring went crazy so I have to go back through DaVinci and fix it up. Ugh.

I also just created my first ever photoshoot invoice. Though I specialize mostly in videography, shooting the Eastern Arizona College students was a blast. Such a fun group! If I get permission from the school, I’ll post a few of them after they’ve been edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Well, this was just a quick update. I’m glad that these opportunities keep arising, and I hope they don’t stop! Haha, thanks everyone, and keep a look out for a new website dedicated to GEL Studios!

-Savannah Griffin


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