My Projects

These were two of the 30-second commercials we did for the livestream sporting events. Go Gila Monsters!!

This was my application film to USC (University of California) for the Fall 2018 semester. A spontaneous project that I threw together with one other cameraman (thank you, Sean!)

Actors: Elyse Gomez and Joseph Norton

My most recent project. It was filmed and edited in five days as an in-class challenge. No idea if I’d ever take the challenge again haha. (The audio needs work, but again… five day challenge.)

Ian Mortensen’s “Limerence.” If you want to watch a mystery short film, make sure you check this one out!

David Shurtleff’s short film I helped film a few months back. Super fun video!

I need a better encoder for YouTube videos. The coloring was a bit funky, but nevertheless, here is the Pinal County Fair 2017 video I did as a personal project! (Be sure to read about my experience in my blog)

Nahomi Pardo’s capstone project (I was part of the camera crew). Be sure to like and subscribe to her channel!

Fresh C music video filmed by Savannah and talk host Xavier (Jenerik)

Hit 25k views on his Facebook!

GCRC Thrift Store Documentary

EAC Day of the Dead 2016 (Also on the Eastern Arizona College website)


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